Biogas Plants

Bio works supplies pre engineered and site erected biogas plants for all commercial applications. We provide food waste, animal waste, agricultural waste based bio gas plants. Along with basic equipment like reactors, storage tanks we also provide complete solutions for pumping the gas, generating electricity and integrating the systems. We provide bio gas plants for hotels, resorts, IT parks, hostels, schools and colleges.

Biogas plants are simple to operate and maintain, they produce combustible gas that can be used of cooking, firing boilers .Conversion of bio gas energy into electricity is also very economic and hassle free. We can provide end to end solution for production of electricity by bio gas plants. This plants require minimum area , can be constructed in pre fabricated tanks or in permanent civil tanks.

A common bio gas unit works in the following way. The substrate or waste that is used as feed is measured and crushed, shredded to possible small pieces. This pieces are then mixed in the pre digestion tank and diluted. This diluted mixture is then fed to the anaerobic digestion tank, here anaerobic bacteria break down complex molecules into methane, water and carbon dioxide. The digested contents are then de watered and used as manure. The leach ate from digestion tank is routed to wetland. The gas thus produced is stored in the gas holder.

Bioworks provides bio gas plants from the following substrates

  • Food waste from canteens, resorts
  • Bio sludge from waste water treatment plants
  • Animal and poultry waste
  • Agicultrual waste like sugarcane, potato waste, fruit waste

Our Clients

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