Conventional Activated Sludge Process

This is an age old technology that is used for treatment of sewage and municipal water. In this technology the bio remediation of water is done by cultivating of group of micro organisms. Prior to bio remediation all the coarse and unwanted material is separated from water. Then the water is aerated in aerations tanks which hold micro organisms in suspension. Here oxygen is provided for respiration of micro organism by diffused grid aeration, surface aeration or through venture jets. The micro organism initially hydrolyses the bio pollutants in water and convert them into smaller organic compounds, water, carbon dioxide. Once optimum bio remediation is done micro organisms are separated in clarifiers and a portion of the stream with high micro organisms is recycled back.

The clarified water is disinfected and polished by filtration with pressure sand filter, activated carbon filter. The treated water can be used for gardening and ground water replenishment.


  • Simple and reliable system
  • Good quality outlet
  • Requires non technical man power to operate

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