Bioworks supplies, pre engineered multi effect evaporators to clients. Our in house R &D team has developed evaporators for handling concentrated streams of waste water from effluent treatment plants. We understand that every effluent is unique and the constituents of effluent differ from one to another. So we have sponsored lots of research on establishing the right ways to concentrate the waste stream. We have developed evaporators which can provide heat energy to the waste water by oil, electrical coils and steam. This evaporators use forced film, falling film, rising film and thin film evaporation techniques.

Based on the quantity and nature of effluent we can provide the following type of evaporators

  • Evaporators which use oil or flue gas heat exchange medium
  • Vaccum Based multi stage evaporation units with steam as heat exchange medium

We provide SCADA control system for operation and control of the evaporation units. We understand that proper monitoring of flow rates guarantees longer life, trouble free maintenance, easy performance evaluation of the evaporators. We also provide ancillary units like the chemical cleaning system, cooling water network and vaccum systems for the evaporators.

Advantages of Bioworks made evaporators are as below

  • Proven and reliable heat transfer rates
  • Energy efficient units
  • Operation friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less land requirement
  • Compact design

Our Clients

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