Moving Bed Bio Reactor Process

It is one of most popular technology that has evolved over the last decade. In this technology the micro organisms are provided with extra surface area to grow upon. The extra surface area is provided by addition of Bio Media to aeration tanks. Bio media is available in different size, shapes and material of construction.

The addition of the Bio media in the aeration tanks reduces the volume required for treatment of sewage water. Bio media helps in developing higher concentration of micro organisms in aeration tank and requires no re-circulation of extra sludge from the clarifiers.

The Bio media is most commonly of PP made .The mass transfer across the media is controlled by thickness of the micro organism layer over the media. The media also adsorb and adhere to the bio media, this reduces the inhibitory substance. The media provides rapid colonization of micro organisms, prevents micro organisms from shear forces of water in during disturbances in flow patterns.


  • Low Foot Print
  • Good quality treated water
  • High tolerance to changes in feed water

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