Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis popularly known as RO is most popular membrane filtration world wide. It is used in wide variety of applications like to produce drinking water, to reduce dissolved solids in process feed water and reduce dissolved solids in process effluents from wide range of industries.

Basically RO is the reverse process of natural osmosis. In this process pressure higher than that of the natural Osmotic pressure drives the solvent towards the dilute solution. This technique when applied on water, water with low salts is produced as permeate. In water treatment applications many types of membrane materials and configuration of RO membranes are available. The most popularly used configurations are Disc type RO and Spirally wound type. Based on the complexity and budget constraints a choice between the options is made. Bioworks offer both type of configuration. Bioworks is registered vendor for supply of RO drinking water plants across many states in India.


  • Drinking water production
  • DM plants
  • Desalination
  • Process Feed Water Filtration

Our Clients

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