Sequential Batch Reactor

Sequential Batch rectors are gaining popularity day to day. This technology is modification of Activated sludge process. In this technology aeration, sedimentation and clarification happen in single tank .All this stages are automated by proper instrumentation and process is optimized for optimum energy utilization.

In this process, the collected sewage is treated in batches. Based on quantity of sewage to be treated a single or multiple aeration tanks are constructed. This tanks are operated in following sequence a) fill b)react c)settle d)draw. In fill phase the sized batch of water is fed in the aeration tank after proper mixing .In the react phase the cultivated micro organisms digest the bio pollutants in fixed time. After the required Bio remediation is achieved the micro organisms are separated from water by gravity in the same tank. Once the required degree of bio remediation is achieved the batch of water that is fed is drawn of the tank and entire cycle is repeated. The extra sludge produced in the rector is disposed by different methods. The final effluent water from the tank is disinfected and polished by filters.

This technology is ideal choice for treating large quantity of sewage water. It requires good instrumentation and proper control mechanisms for optimum performances.


  • Complete automation
  • Simple operation sequence
  • High quality treated water

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